Red Lips
Forced by my dear cousin/roomate I have joined this social media. (I secretly enjoy this very much)

I live by two things : Love what you do. Never regret what you love.

If I lived in the fifties I would be a super model !!!
#31DaysBeingLatina I forgot to do my post yesterday. El sazon de mi abuela. Because no one can make mole dulce like doña Socorro!  #moledulce #yummy #ProudLatina #ElSazonDeMiAbuela
Los muy pero muy apropiados refranes! #31DaysBeingLatina #Mexican #Refrean #MisFavoritos  #ProudLatina
#childhood This little munchkin is me. I was the first of all grandchildren on my mother’s side. Needless to say I was a spoiled brat. Lol #ProudLatina #Day3 #Lizita
I missed day two so I’ll do a double today. I’m a very proud Mexican woman. I take no shit from anyone and I live my life to the sound of my own mariachi lol #selfie #ProudLatina #Day2 #late #Mexican #ojostapatios



A comma splice walks into a bar, it has a drink and then leaves.

A question mark walks into a bar?

Two quotation marks “Walk into” a bar.

A gerund and an infinitive walk into a bar, drinking to drink.

The bar was walked into by a passive voice.

Three intransitive verbs walk into a bar. They sit. They drink. They leave.


It’s this easy

(Source: totheend-oftheuniverse)


My Least Favorite Trope (and this post will include spoilers for The Lego Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Matrix, Western Civilization, and—cod help me—Bulletproof Monk*.) is the thing where there’s an awesome, smart, wonderful, powerful female character who by all rights ought to be the Chosen One and the hero of the movie, who is tasked with taking care of some generally ineffectual male character who is, for reasons of wish fulfillment, actually the person the film focuses on. She mentors him, she teaches him, and she inevitably becomes his girlfriend… and he gets the job she wanted: he gets to be the Chosen One even though she’s obviously far more qualified. And all he has to do to get it and deserve it is Man Up and Take Responsibility.

And that’s it. Every god-damned time. The mere fact of naming the films above and naming the trope gives away the entire plot and character arc of every single movie.


I’m trying keep fresh … Hydrate people…  #toohot #allthecolddrinks #extraice 😎😎😎
My #LatinaInspiration is Chavela Vargas born in Costa Rica but given life Mexico. Tenacious in life and comfortable in her own unique skin. Singer-songwriter, actress. Some say that she was so mesmerizing that even Frida couldn’t resist her. Always free, always strong, alway Chavela! #31DaysBeingLatina #Day1 #ChavelaVargas
My lobster felt that I might not make it tomorrow, so she came to spend what could be my last night with me lol #flugoaway #cousinlove #shelovesmeshereallylovesme #bffs #mylobster  (at The hazzard room )
Don’t mind me, I just have the most beautiful niece in the world. 😍 #sugarprincess #mysweetgirl #chulamula #BabyAva #myheart #TiaLiz